Small Dog Breeds

Image Breed Breed Group Size Color Overview
Miniature Pinscher Miniature Pinscher Toy Dog Breeds Height: 10 to 12.5 inches
Weight: 8 to 11 lbs
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The Miniature Pinscher closely resembles the Doberman. However it is not a miniature Doberman. Like the Dobie, the Min Pin is a German breed of dog. Pinscher is the German word for "terrier." The proud, alert and spirited Min Pin with its high-ste

Shiba Inu Shiba Inu Non-Sporting Breeds Height: 13.5 to 16.5 inches
Weight: 17 to 23 lbs
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As the official Japanese national treasure, the Shiba Inu is a charming companion dog with a lively personality, big attitude, and playful sense of humor. Occasionally mistook for a fox with its distinctive appearance, the Shiba Inu is an active a

Rat Terrier Rat Terrier Terrier Dog Breeds Height: 10–18 inches
Weight: 10–25 lbs
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An American breed, the Rat Terrier was creat

Pug Pug Toy Dog Breeds Height: Not specified in breed standard
Weight: 14 to 18 pounds
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Often described as “a lot of dog in a small space,” the Pug is a member of the Toy Group well-known for its big playful personality, even temper, and outgoing disposition. Along with excelling in the ring at dog show competitions, Pugs

Pekingese Pekingese Toy Dog Breeds Height: 6–9 inches
Weight: 7–14 lb
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The Pekingese is a small dog of Chinese origin. It gets its name from the ancient city of Peking, which is now modern Beijing. They were sacred in China, and only royals were allowed to own one. Punishment for stealing one was no less than death.&

Papillon Papillon Toy Dog Breeds Height: Male: 8–11 inches; Female: 8–11 inches
Weight: Male: 8–10 pounds; Female: 7–9 pounds
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The Papillon, pronounced (PAP ee yon) is a v