Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds

When deciding which dog breeds to welcome into their home, it is essential that prospective pet owners take into consideration their level of shedding. While shedding can be simply a nuisance for some people who do want to spend the extra time cleaning to keep hair off carpeting and furniture, it can also be a major health concern for certain individuals with allergies. Although there are no completely non-shedding dogs since all of the animals do shed at least a minimal amount of hair at some point, there are luckily many dog breeds that don't shed as heavily as other breeds.

Image Breed Breed Group Size Color Overview
Brussels Griffon Brussels Griffon Toy Dog Breeds Small Dog Breeds Black Dog Breeds Brown Dog Breeds Red Dog Breeds

The Brussels Griffon breed was developed in Belgium primarily from the Belgian street dog and the Affenpinscher. The Belgian street dog is very similar to the Fox Terrier and the Affenpinscher is a toy breed with a monkey-like face. The Brussels G

Yorkshire Terrier Yorkshire Terrier Toy Dog Breeds Small Dog Breeds Black Dog Breeds Brown Dog Breeds

Affectionately referred to as “Yorkies” by their loyal owners, Yorkshire Terriers are members of the Toy Group that offer big personalities in a small package. As a portable pooch prized for its compact size and luxurious long-haired c

Portuguese Water Dog Portuguese Water Dog Working Dog Breeds Medium Dog Breeds White Dog Breeds Black Dog Breeds Brown Dog Breeds

Classified as a working dog, the Portuguese

Poodle Poodle Toy Dog Breeds Non-Sporting Breeds White Dog Breeds Black Dog Breeds Blue Dog Breeds Gray Dog Breeds

Poodles are formal dog breeds that come in s

Havanese Havanese Toy Dog Breeds Small Dog Breeds White Dog Breeds Black Dog Breeds Brown Dog Breeds

Known for being the “National Dog of Cuba” and the only dog breed native to the island country, the Havanese is a small dog breed known for its silky coat that protects it against the harsh heat of the tropics. As a trainable and intel

Cairn Terrier Cairn Terrier Terrier Dog Breeds Small Dog Breeds Black Dog Breeds Red Dog Breeds Gray Dog Breeds

The Cairn Terrier is a small but hardy working dog originally bred to help Scottish farmers get rid or pests on the property. The breed is most recognized as playing the role of Toto in The Wizard of Oz. The Breed was first developed in the Scotti

Bichon Frise Bichon Frise Non-Sporting Breeds Small Dog Breeds White Dog Breeds

Easy to recognize with its round, snow-white, cotton ball-shaped hairstyle, the Bichon Frise has earned a reputation as being a tiny package full of fun. As a long-time favorite pet that is currently ranked as the 26th most popular breed in the Un

Basenji Basenji Hound Dog Breeds Small Dog Breeds White Dog Breeds Black Dog Breeds Red Dog Breeds

The Basenji is an elegant and poised African hunting dog. African natives used this breed for pointing, driving game into nets and retrieving. The dog's light build and balanced structure allows it to move with agility and ease. Known as the "bark

Shih Tzu Shih Tzu Toy Dog Breeds Small Dog Breeds White Dog Breeds Black Dog Breeds Brown Dog Breeds

Long recognized as a cherished breed in China, the Shih Tzu has been the dog of choice for everyone from royalty to everyday people. Long flowing coats, along with a sweet and playful arrogance, make the Shih Tzu truly one-of-a-kind.


Maltese Maltese Toy Dog Breeds Small Dog Breeds White Dog Breeds

As a toy dog easy to recognize for its prized mantle of long, silky white hair from head to toe, the Maltese is a gentle-mannered and affectionate breed noted as great family companions. With their refinement, convenient portability, and cleanline

Despite popular belief, most dog allergies are not directly caused by the hair that is shed, but instead by the dog's dander. Dander is the dead skin that flakes off of dogs and finds its way all over the house and wafting through the airstream for deposit right into your nose.

While all dogs produce dander, there are several dog breeds that create considerably less dander. As a result, these dogs that don't shed as much dander have been named hypo-allergenic dog breeds because they do not produce as much flaky dead skin that will cause a negative reaction for allergy sufferers. After dogs have a good romp in the yard, long-haired dogs also have the ability to transmit pollen that can add to their owners' sneezes.

It is also important for prospective pet owners to better understand how dog shedding works before deciding whether a canine would be the right addition to their family. Shedding is strongly impacted by hormonal changes that are affected by the amount of daylight. Interestingly enough, the photoperiod or length of day stimulates the production of hormones in your pets and promotes the shedding. Therefore, it is noticeable that the heaviest amount of shedding occurs during the seasonal changes when the days are becoming longer or shorter. In addition to natural shedding with the seasons, the amount of shedding can be impacted by the temperature indoors, the dog's nutrition or health, and the occurrence of surgery from the lasting effects of anesthesia.

Overall, there are numerous low shedding dogs that are considerably lighter shedders. Ranging from the small Dachshund to the medium Irish Terrier and the large Standard Poodle, these dog breeds that don't shed as much in comparison to other dogs can be the perfect addition to families sensitive to allergens. Since these hypo-allergenic dog breeds shed very little hair and produce less dander, they are the best option for both allergy sufferers and neat freaks that wish to avoid the allergy woes and overwhelming housekeeping hassles.