Fluffy Dog Breeds

Fluffy dog breeds, as the name implies are dogs that have furry, fluffy coats. They can be small or big, as is the case with the Great Pyrenees or Newfoundland, though most fluffy dogs that people adore as pets are small.

Image Breed Breed Group Size Color Overview
Chow Chow Chow Chow Non-Sporting Breeds Medium Dog Breeds Black Dog Breeds Brown Dog Breeds

Easy to recognize for its lion-like regal ap

Border Collie Border Collie Herding Dog Breeds Medium Dog Breeds White Dog Breeds Black Dog Breeds

Considered the workaholic in the dog world, the Border Collie is a premier sheep herder that is prized around the globe for its extraordinary intelligence, natural instincts, and strong working abilities. Ranked as the number one most intelligent&

Great Pyrenees Great Pyrenees Working Dog Breeds Giant Dog Breeds White Dog Breeds Gray Dog Breeds

Also referred to as the Pyrenean Mountain Dog, the Great Pyrenees has a long history of being keen workers who faithfully guard their flocks no matter how cold the weather or rugged the terrain. Not to be confused with the Pyrenean Mastiff or Pyre

Bichon Frise Bichon Frise Non-Sporting Breeds Small Dog Breeds White Dog Breeds

Easy to recognize with its round, snow-white, cotton ball-shaped hairstyle, the Bichon Frise has earned a reputation as being a tiny package full of fun. As a long-time favorite pet that is currently ranked as the 26th most popular breed in the Un

Bernese Mountain Dog Bernese Mountain Dog Working Dog Breeds Giant Dog Breeds White Dog Breeds Black Dog Breeds

Farm dogs by heritage, Bernese Mountain Dogs are the only variety of the Swiss Mountain Dog breeds that possess a long, silky coat that helps the hardy dog thrive in cold climates. Well-known for its high level of intelligence, strength, agility,&

Australian Shepherd Australian Shepherd Herding Dog Breeds Medium Dog Breeds White Dog Breeds Black Dog Breeds Red Dog Breeds

Affectionately nicknamed the “Aussie,” the Australian Shepherd is an animated and active breed with a great deal of stamina for agility, obedience, and even herding livestock. As a loyal, devoted, and wholeheartedly loving dog breed, A

Airedale Terrier Airedale Terrier Terrier Dog Breeds Medium Dog Breeds White Dog Breeds Black Dog Breeds Brown Dog Breeds

The Airedale Terrier is the largest dog of the Terrier breeds and has been called "King of Terriers." The breed is thought to have been developed in the Valley of Aire, England. It may have descended from a black and tan terrier that is now extinc

Yorkshire Terrier Yorkshire Terrier Toy Dog Breeds Small Dog Breeds Black Dog Breeds Brown Dog Breeds

Affectionately referred to as “Yorkies” by their loyal owners, Yorkshire Terriers are members of the Toy Group that offer big personalities in a small package. As a portable pooch prized for its compact size and luxurious long-haired c

Irish Wolfhound Irish Wolfhound Hound Dog Breeds Giant Dog Breeds White Dog Breeds Black Dog Breeds Gray Dog Breeds

Being the same size as a small pony, the Irish Wolfhound is the tallest dog breed in the world with its commanding appearance and muscular greyhound-like shape. Originally called the Cu Faoil in Ireland, Irish Wolfhounds are superb athletes and en

Tibetan Mastiff Tibetan Mastiff Working Dog Breeds Large Dog Breeds Black Dog Breeds Brown Dog Breeds

An impressively large dog with a noble appearance, the Tibetan Mastiff is known to be a conversation starter and a traffic stopper walking down the street. Along with the dog’s large size, the Tibetan Mastiff possess all of the qualities tha

Small fluffy dogs are popular for apartment and city dwellers. However, some small fluffy dog breeds are more active than others. A small, fenced-in yard or daily walks are necessary to keep these dogs happy and free from behavior problems.

The Bichon Bolgnese is shy, reserved and not very active. They are content to hang around the house with their owner for the most part. The Maltese is another breed that does not demand a lot of daily walking or exercise. In contrast, the Pomeranian is a small, fluffy dog that is very active and will not do well without daily exercise.

One trait that all fluffy dogs seem to have in common is Small Dog Syndrome. Without early, proper training they may try to take the leading role in the household. It is important to make them understand that the owner is the pack leader. If not, behaviors like barking too much and snapping at guests will occur. Otherwise, small, fluffy dogs, and larger ones for that matter can be fun, cuddly pets.