Toy Dog Breeds

As one of the most diverse groups of dog breeds within the American Kennel Club, toy breeds have had successful employment throughout the years for providing companionship to human beings around the world. With the main function of embodying sheer delight, toy dog breeds are best known for their diminutive size and winsome expressions.

Ranging between under six pounds with the tiniest of Chihuahuas to 20 pounds with the stockiest of Pugs, these small dogs have served as loving companions since first being bred centuries ago. In fact, many of the toy dogs resemble miniature versions of the larger breeds, such as the Miniature Pinscher, English Toy Terrier, and Toy Poodle. Popular among city dwellers and those lacking living space, toy breeds make for ideal apartment pets and are terrific lap warmers on cold cuddly nights.

Image Breed Breed Group Size Color Overview
Chihuahua Chihuahua Toy Dog Breeds Small Dog Breeds White Dog Breeds

With a saucy, perky appearance and a personality to match, Chihuahuas are well-known for being the smallest breed of dog in the world. However, never underestimate them for their small size as the breed is often described as being alert, swift-mov

Maltese Maltese Toy Dog Breeds Small Dog Breeds White Dog Breeds

As a toy dog easy to recognize for its prized mantle of long, silky white hair from head to toe, the Maltese is a gentle-mannered and affectionate breed noted as great family companions. With their refinement, convenient portability, and cleanline

Affenpinscher Affenpinscher Toy Dog Breeds Small Dog Breeds Black Dog Breeds Red Dog Breeds Gray Dog Breeds

The Affenpinscher is a terrier type breed that originated in Cenral Europe, specifically Munich, Germany and France. The name Affenpinscher translates from German into Monkey Terrier. It is one of the oldest breeds in the Toy Group. During the 17t

Yorkshire Terrier Yorkshire Terrier Toy Dog Breeds Small Dog Breeds Black Dog Breeds Brown Dog Breeds

Affectionately referred to as “Yorkies” by their loyal owners, Yorkshire Terriers are members of the Toy Group that offer big personalities in a small package. As a portable pooch prized for its compact size and luxurious long-haired c

Brussels Griffon Brussels Griffon Toy Dog Breeds Small Dog Breeds Black Dog Breeds Brown Dog Breeds Red Dog Breeds

The Brussels Griffon breed was developed in Belgium primarily from the Belgian street dog and the Affenpinscher. The Belgian street dog is very similar to the Fox Terrier and the Affenpinscher is a toy breed with a monkey-like face. The Brussels G

Miniature Pinscher Miniature Pinscher Toy Dog Breeds Small Dog Breeds Black Dog Breeds Brown Dog Breeds Red Dog Breeds

The Miniature Pinscher closely resembles the Doberman. However it is not a miniature Doberman. Like the Dobie, the Min Pin is a German breed of dog. Pinscher is the German word for "terrier." The proud, alert and spirited Min Pin with its high-ste

Poodle Poodle Toy Dog Breeds Non-Sporting Breeds White Dog Breeds Black Dog Breeds Blue Dog Breeds Gray Dog Breeds

Poodles are formal dog breeds that come in s

Siberian Husky Siberian Husky Toy Dog Breeds Medium Dog Breeds White Dog Breeds Black Dog Breeds

Bred in Northeast Asia as a sled dog, Siberian Huskies are known for their exceptional endurance and willingness to work hard in cold climates. As the 16th most popular dog breed in the United States according to the American Kennel Club, the Sibe

Pug Pug Toy Dog Breeds Small Dog Breeds Black Dog Breeds

Often described as “a lot of dog in a small space,” the Pug is a member of the Toy Group well-known for its big playful personality, even temper, and outgoing disposition. Along with excelling in the ring at dog show competitions, Pugs

Pomeranian Pomeranian Toy Dog Breeds Small Dog Breeds Tan Dog Breeds White Dog Breeds Brown Dog Breeds

Known for being a confident, animated companion with a rather extroverted personality, the Pomeranian is a compact, toy-sized dog that is currently ranked as the 19th most popular breed by the American Kennel Club. Also affectionately referred to&

Despite popular belief that toy dog breeds are only companion animals that are slow moving with little endurance and low-maintenance for exercise needs, their small and dainty forms often excel at energetic sports. For instance, the Papillion, Maltese, and Italian Greyhound are all breeds that come with bustling amounts of energy and very robust daintiness that require plenty of walks for exercise. 

Although their tiny stature can fool many, dogs in the toy group are usually tough as nails with a mind of their own and slight arrogance. When the toy dog breeds are treated like human babies without consistent leadership, the dogs develop negative behavioral problems from Small Dog Syndrome, which includes obsessive barking, jealousy, biting, separation anxiety, overprotection, and guarding behaviors.

Besides their tendency towards frequent barking, the toy dog breeds are often considered the best breeds for novice owners because it is easier to control a 10-pound dog. However, their fragility makes them less ideal for households that have small children that may be prone to crawling all over them.

With a love for attention and eagerness to please their owners, many of the toy dog breeds are often described as loyal, intelligent, and excellent at learning tricks. Whenever individuals are considering adopting a toy dog breed, it is important to weigh the pros and cons of the common shedding, grooming care costs, and messes that are associated with these breeds. Luckily, the breeds within the toy group are extremely versatile so that there is a breed that can match your lifestyle perfectly for a wonderful pet.